Why should you choose a sit and stand stroller?

Sit and stand stroller for growing families

A stroller is essential for most moms and dads. You’ll need this important item of parenting gear right from the start until your little one is able to walk a relevant distance on his own, by about age 3 or 4.

For some parents, a sit and stand stroller might seem a little unusual, but for a parent of two or more children of different ages, this kind of double stroller is a real help. Generally available in tandem style. These strollers were first developed by Baby Trend, one of the leading baby gear manufacturers. Since then, many other brands have come up with product specifics similar to the Baby Trend Sit N Stand stroller, following this brilliant idea that became really popular. These strollers have the benefit of being able to allow sleeping babies rest and keep fussy toddlers happy and safe at the same time all in just one stroller.

You can also buy a sit and stand stroller with only one seat (if this is your first baby but you are planning to have a second baby), with the option to purchase the second seat if and when you have another child. By choosing this solution you can save time, space and – most importantly – money, without having to buy a new double stroller.

A sit and stand pushchair is designed to have a front seat for the younger sibling, and a back seat or a standing area for the older kid.

Why should you choose a sit and stand stroller?

With a sit and stand stroller you won’t have an unhappy toddler who is being strapped into the stroller seat.

A sit and stand stroller is preferred among parents with a baby and a toddler. It offers more to the older child without being strapped into a stroller seat. They are also loved by older kids who could walk by himself, however sometimes might also want the alternative to hop on when he or she needs a rest. Your older child has more fun because of the freedom of choice to either sit down facing mom or stand up and hang on for a strolling fun. Independence like this develops confidence making him or her a happier child.

Stroll easily with your two little ones! Sometimes it’s really great to be able to contain both of them on a busy sidewalk, in a crowded area, in a shopping centre, etc., especially when you are alone with them. Additionally, sit and stands typically have a large storage basket, which comes in handy on any day out. If you are doing shopping with only one of your child, the extra storage space can be really useful.

Most sit and stand strollers are narrow, lightweight, and fairly easy to heave in and out of the car making your everyday life hassle free.

If you are planning to buy a sit and stand stroller you will find lots of variations and configuration options depending on the brand and type of stroller you choose. To find some examples of configuration options or if you want to know what to look for when buying a sit and stand stroller than check out the Double stroller for infant and toddler post.

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