Stroller accessories and features

So let’s continue with the stroller accessories and features:


Large storage areas

A spacious, easily accessible under-the-seat storage basket is a big help for carrying baby equipment – such as nappies, baby food – on shopping trips or on any kind of errands with your little one.

Sizes of baskets are different. Choose one that’s at least big enough to accommodate a diaper bag.

If you choose a stroller that reclines, make sure that you can easily reach the basket if the seat back is fully reclined, or when the infant car seat is in place.

Some models have storage pouches with flexible top edges in back of or instead of a storage basket. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for all storage areas.

Do not hang any bags, neither a diaper bag nor a handbag on handlebars; the stroller can easily tip back if it’s overloaded.


Stroller accessories - handlebar

Adjustable handlebars can be a big help


Handlebar-height adjustability can be among the more important features for comfortable use especially for parents with very different heights.

Handles should be at the pusher’s waist level or slightly below. Stroller handles can be padded, and even thickly cushioned.

Some models have reversible handles that can swing over the top of the stroller and lock into position, altering the direction your baby is facing while other strollers achieve the same thing with a reversible seat rather than the handlebar.


Parent’s tray

The parent tray is usually molded with a cup holder and/or a compartment for keys, phone, and other small things. Many strollers have a cup holder for you and one for your child.

Always keep hot drinks away from your baby. If you have a cup of hot liquid in the parent’s cup holder and you hit a bump accidentally, hot liquid can slosh out and could burn your child or you.

Some manufacturers are selling a separate clip-on holder for a cell phone or other small electronic equipment.

If you have a stroller without a parent tray, you can buy different small bags or pouches designed to strap onto the handlebars, but they should be approved by your stroller manufacturer. Do not hang any bags or handbag on stroller handles because this could cause your stroller to fall over.


Stroller accessories - child's tray

Child’s tray for the little one’s comfort

Child’s tray

Strollers usually have a tray where children can keep their arms on or put snacks or toys on it.

A stroller tray or bar should be detachable or swing open, rather than be permanently fixed to both sides, to make it easier to get your child seated and harnessed, to clean it in the sink, or to make the folded stroller more compact.



A footrest can help your child sit more comfortably without their legs hanging. Some models have adjustable-height footrests.

It’s a good idea to check that the front edge of the seat is soft and won’t press uncomfortably into the back of your child’s legs.



Numerous strollers have protective leg covers, made of an appropriate material that can snap over baby’s legs for warmth.

Some boots can serve as the infant enclosure when a seat is reclined – as an additional way of closing off “leg holes”. Some look like miniature sleeping bags.

Most of the time they are sold individually, but it’s a very useful stroller feature to consider to buy, especially if you live in a cold climate. If you buy one that isn’t tailored specifically for your stroller, make sure it doesn’t interfere with harness use.



A canopy is a must-have for protecting your baby, a canopy that can be extended to provide shade or shelter for your child especially in glaring sun or inclement weather.

Canopies involve everything from a simple fabric strung between a metal frame and deep pull-down types that cover almost the entire front of the stroller.

Reversible canopies defend babies from direct sunlight or wind from ahead or behind.

Some also have a viewing window so you can keep an eye on your baby when it’s extended.

You can also purchase a separate rain/wind cover for most strollers and some manufacturers offer additional parasols that clip onto the carriage.


Fabric and upholstery

Nowadays, the variety of stroller fabrics and patterns is much greater than ever before so you should have no problem finding something that suits your style.

It’s a good idea to look for a fabric that will make it easy to wipe up spit-ups and crushed snacks.

Removable fabric covers can make cleanups easier (and your life too). It’s very helpful if you can throw the whole seat cover into the wash without needing to worry about shrinking, fading, or puckering.


So with all of these information in your mind now you can choose the most appropriately featured sit and stand with all the stroller accessories you need.

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