More safety tips

Don’t hang anything on the handles

It can be tempting to put a shopping bag or diaper bag over the stroller’s handles when you are out on a shopping trip. On some models, that isn’t a problem. Some are actually designed to have a diaper bag placed at the back. Check the stroller guide to find out if your stroller allows the diaper bag to be carried on the handle, and if it does, do one more check with the diaper bag in place to make sure the bag, when totally packed, doesn’t tip the stroller. Even the most balanced pushchair can tip easily if there is too much weight at the back.

Use the basket underneath your stroller instead. If you know you are going to need big room for lots of stuff, look for a stroller that has enough storage space.

Avoid to overload the stroller’s carrier basket with bags and various other items because it can also damage the wheels and lead to brake system failure.


Child safety

Always keep an eye on your little one

Never leave your child unattended

It is essential that a parent always has to keep an eye on the baby while either awake or asleep in a stroller because children can very quickly hurt themselves in all kinds of ways.

It may be seductive to leave a child, who is peacefully sleeping in a stroller, to nap comfortably. However do not leave your baby alone in his or her stroller particularly when sleeping. If a child falls asleep in the stroller and the caregiver will not always be with the stroller, the child should be placed in a bed to sleep.


Comfortable sleeping

Some strollers come with a bassinet for your baby, but it doesn’t mean you can use it as a bassinet at your home. Always take a look at the manufacturer’s instructions first. Find out whether you have to buy an additional mattress for the bassinet or whether the stroller system comes with it.

Some companies also provide separate stands to put the stroller bassinet on when you’re home.


Check the weight limit

All strollers have a weight restriction. Ensure that you know what it is. Putting a too heavy child in the pushchair could make it very unstable.

If your stroller was designed for only one child, it is best not to use it to carry more than one.

Sit and stand strollers allow an older child to sit or stand at the back. Be conscious of weight recommendations and especially cautious that the toddler in the rear doesn’t become too active and tip the stroller.


Be cautious with toys

If you hang toys from a stroller bumper bar to entertain your baby, ensure that the toys are safely attached so they can’t fall on top of your baby.

Take out these kind of toys as soon as the baby can sit or get on all fours.


Try to keep the stroller in the shade

During warm weather, don’t let your child’s stroller stay in the sun for longer time. This can lead to plastic and metal pieces to get hot enough to burn your baby.

If you leave the stroller in the sun, check the stroller’s surface temperature before putting your baby in the stroller.


A stroller is created to keep baby comfortable and safe, and when parents follow a couple of basic safety tips, their stroller will be able to provide them with numerous years of practical use.

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