Double stroller for infant and toddler

Double stroller for infant and toddler – The versatile sit and stand stroller


A stroller type which provides you endless possibilities. You can see some examples for the various configuration options of different brands and then you can find out what to look for in a sit and stand stroller.

The front seat of the Joovy Caboose Ultralight reclines fully making it suitable and comfortable for a baby and takes a car seat but still leave space for bigger child to stand on the back.

Baby Trend manufactures a regular tandem stroller as well with two seats that also can be transformed into a sit and stand.

B-Ready  from Britax provides you 14 different configuration options in one stroller.

Some other brands like Graco and Joovy also offer models that has a 2nd seat that can be removed. If you prefer the option of having the 2nd full-size seat, absolutely worth a look. This solution is very useful if your bigger child is not old enough to stand securely. Once your toddler is ready to use the sit and stand function, your younger child can go in the front, either in her car seat or in the regular seat.

Double stroller for infant and toddler

Double stroller for infant and toddler

What should you look for in a sit and stand stroller?

  • Lockable front swivel wheels with suspension for excellent maneuverability.
  • A good quality sit and stand stroller should be able to hold more than 70 pounds for two passengers.
  • The product should have a strong, sturdy frame and the material of the seats should be made of durable fabric that withstand spills therefore easy to clean.
  • The standing platform should have enough room to stand steady, with a convenient place for your child to hold on while standing up.
  • Look for a 3 or 5-point harness both on the front and on the bench seat, – so it grows with your child – and both the harness and the bench should be padded for extra level of comfort.
  • Some of the strollers have the ability to position the infant car seat in the front or back of the stroller (parent-facing). You can have a much stronger connection with your baby if she’s facing you, you’ll be a lot more likely to talk to her, which can help with language development. Furthermore, you can make all the difference between feeling like you spent time with your baby rather than just pushing a stroller. And last but not least it might be little scary for smaller babies facing the world all alone.
  • A huge advantage if a stroller has a one-hand fold feature, when it’s folding like a breeze, and with a storage latch makes stowing it a snap.
  • A great stand-on stroller should be compatible with most infant car seats and most are easy to set up. Remove the infant seat from its base in the car, baby and all, and fasten it right into the frame. It’s great for letting your snoozing baby continue his nap uninterruptedly, without waking her up.


You can complement your stroller’s equipment with certain things that simply make a mom’s life easier: a cup holder, a snack tray for on-the-go convenience and a nice-size basket for easy storage. And some that make the baby’s trip more cozy: a comfy seat and a large canopy, or even better, two canopies. The good thing about almost all of these features is that you can add them on yourself as and when you need. (But remember to check the the manufacturer’s guideline first to find out if that accessory is compatible with your stroller.) To get to know more about stroller features check out the The most essential stroller features article.


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